For over 20 years, we have been supporting individuals and families overcome many challenges and barriers.  We will support you in reaching your full potential and aspirations.  Our approach is always collaborative, focussing on what is most important to you.  We provide services that are grounded in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solutions Focused Brief Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Relational Life Therapy (for couples).

Individual Therapy

Individual Counselling for Adults:

Whether you're struggling with low self esteem, relationship difficulties, dealing with trauma, or experiencing depression and anxiety, we offer supportive counselling to help you move through these challenges and develop stronger, healthier coping strategies and tools that will help you move forward.   

Individual Counselling for Adolescents: 

Coping with an ever changing world can be difficult for adults, but for adolescents, it can be especially overwhelming. Some of the issues we can help young people with include anxiety and worry, depression, parent teen conflict, and relationship/peer issues.

Couples Therapy

We work with couples to re-establish connection, trust, and harmony, through relational empowerment, which is an approach that allows each partner to strive for what they need in the relationship, and at the same time cherish and fulfill the other partner. This approach works well for many experiences that occur within relationships, including infidelity, difficult communication, drifting apart, avoidance, and conflict around parenting. We place a high value on creating a respectful environment, as well as speaking honestly about what we are noticing in order to cast light on unhelpful elements within relationships.