Welcome to Therapy Alliance

At Therapy Alliance, we believe that therapy can support you in your journey to better health and wellbeing.  

We provide counselling services to adults, youth, and couples.  Whether you are struggling with issues such as depression, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem, or interpersonal conflict, our services can support you in moving through these experiences and give you the tools to create change in your life.   


Please note, we offer online sessions only.  However, there are in person options available.  Please contact your preferred therapist for details.

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Seeking out therapy or counselling services can be daunting.  At Therapy Alliance we want to ensure that you feel supported, welcomed, and accepted no matter what issue or challenge brought you to us.  

Therapy is proven to provide better outcomes for individuals and families.  Therapy can increase your sense of happiness, improve motivation, build insight into your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, manage stress, and achieve your goals for the future.  

Phil Robbins, MSW, RSW

Social Worker

My approach to therapy is that everyone can make lasting and meaningful changes no matter what your experience has been. I work with adults, both individual and couples, and have a special focus helping men who are seeking to improve their interpersonal relationships.

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Therapy Alliance Members

Claire Molloy, MSW, RSW


I have been working with children, youth, and families for almost 20 years.  My focus is always on creating a strong working relationship and supporting individuals and families to build insight, improve communication, and develop strong and healthy coping strategies to face any challenge in the future. 

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